Quacks Like a Duck (#117)

Quacks Like a Duck (#117)

John & Paul talk about yet another Christian Hypocrite, Jerry Falwell Jr and his alleged young men, along with current events & other things on our mind. If you like random conversations, comedy, and/or hearing others put their “2 cents” in, you’ve come to the right place! https://www.Our2SensePodcast.com

But why else would someone arrange to “give” a young hot physical trainer 18 prime acres of real estate and then arrange for the money for him to purchase it, if there weren’t something funny going on.

And if you really are so Anti-LGBTQ, why loan your Alleged “Pool Boy” money to purchase a gay friendly hotel and restaurant in south Florida?

We hope to enlighten you or scare the hell out of you, which ever is most applicable to your life. Join us as we laugh and ramble on about today’s topics. Our2Sense Podcast with Paul and John discuss the most interesting topics – life, books, movies, pop culture, and news with their characteristic wit and irreverence.

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