I Sell Myself Up (#29)

Lorie and John talk High School, Careers, Collage, Graduation, and the Start of your life as well as other most interesting topics – life, books, movies, pop culture, and news with their characteristic wit & irreverence.

Lorie and John want everyone to know that there are resources our there if you feel Helpless or Hopeless. Call someone, if you are a teen you could call the Teen Help Line or NoH8 and check online for other resources. Some other resources are to go to a church, synagogue or mosque and ask for help. Talk to someone, remember that what every your are going through there are others who have themselves gone through the same thing, and there will be others as well.

If you like random conversations, comedy, and/or hearing others put their “2┬ácents” in, you’ve come to the right place! So sit right back and give a listen to Our2Sense. We hope to enlighten you or scare the hell out of you, which ever is most applicable to your life. Join us as we laugh and ramble on about today’s topics.