Boobs, Beads & Penises, Oh My! (#17)

Boobs, Beads & Penises, Oh My! (#17)
Boobs, Beads & Penises
Boobs, Beads & Penises, Oh My!
Boobs, Beads & Penises

We’re talk Mardi Gras and telling stories of our own adventures in the Big Easy. Boobs, Beads and Penises, OH MY!! A hilarious account of our Ghosts of Mardi Gras past. We reveal just some of the secrets for having the best Mardi Gras possible; while still surviving all the festivities. We’ll tell you how to get beads, and better still, what to do with those beads once you’ve got them.

If you’re a Mardi Gras virgin, be sure to have yourself a hurricane at Pat O’Briens, it’s a must, and a benya at Cafe Du Monde before you make your way to any of the many, many, many parades.

[Lorie] Hey John, look, I wonder what’s down that dark alley…. [John] No Lorie, don’t go any allies during Mardi Gras, you may not come back….
[Lorie] Laissez les bons temps rouler

We also talk about having some great times in your 20’s before you have to become an adult, some of us have yet to become a full fledged adult. But before all the real adult responsibilities are thrust upon you we share a few tips.

Take trips and do some traveling while you’re young. When you are in your 20’s staying in your car or a Youth Hostels is no problem and can be a very cheap way to travel. Being a blogger may help you pay for your trips. Your trips don’t have to be across the world, but in your own back yard. Explore the state in which you live; or a neighboring state.

If you like random conversations, comedy, and/or hearing others put their “2 cents” in, you’ve come to the right place! So sit right back and give a listen to Our2Sense. We hope to enlighten you or scare the hell out of you, which ever is most applicable to your life. Join us as we laugh and ramble on about today’s topics.

Try everything in College, find our   what you like, and remember you are NEVER too old to go back to school and learn something new.

Invest in stocks that pay a quarterly dividend and have a dividend reinvestment program so that help increase the amount of stock you own more quickly. You can usually invest as little $25.oo per month to these programs. It will have a huge payoff in the long run.