So Tight on the Body (#16)

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Tight on the Body

Lorie & John talk about Awkward Dates, Date Stalkers, Super Bowl LI, the movie “Split“, and the movie “The Founder” with their characteristic wit and irreverence.

Our2Sense Podcast with Lorie and John discuss the most interesting topics – life, books, movies, pop culture, and news with their characteristic wit and irreverence.

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Regardless of your age, when you go on a blind date or a date from ANY website matchmaking application, make sure you give yourself an out! Drive your own vehicle and meet them at a VERY public place. Ask a friend or two to go to that same location and hang back. NEVER, EVER, no matter how HOT THEY ARE, go to a stranger’s apartment ALONE, because a “Nice” person can turn dangerous very quickly. Don’t want to scare anyone but just want everyone to be safe!